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My session at SMX East: It’s Not Multichannel Marketing If You Don’t Include Search

Below is the transcript and slides from my presentation at SMX East. The other panelists were Daina Middleton, CEO, Performics and Hamid Saify, Search Marketing Director, Deutsch LA. Their presentations dug deeper into the topic as well as shared some great case studies further illustrating how search can be integrated into the marketing mix.

It’s Not Multichannel Marketing If You Don’t Include Search

Have you noticed search is often not integrated into marketing plans and sometimes completely overlooked? We are missing opportunities that can be leveraged from search.

I outlined 5 best practices to integrating search into the marketing mix.
And 4 killer tactics you can take back to work and implement right away.

Many of the examples are for retail business, but these best practices and tactics can be used for services or B to B as well.

Best Practice #1: Goals
Search should be included in the overall strategic goals at the highest levels of the marketing plan.
Search can actually help to define the overall marketing initiatives because its one of the few channels that can reach people at all stages of the buying funnel.

While search strategy supports the overall marketing plan, you may also need unique channel level goals, for example, capturing email signups for a brand plan.

Best Practice #2: Listen
Listen to what people want- this is what they search for- apply this to overall marketing plan and other media initiatives.
The keywords they use to describe your product and the sites they visit on content will help you to build a stronger profile of your audience.

Say you sell an eco-friendly product. Do people search for “Eco” or “green”? Knowing this will help to better target your marketing.

You can find this data by:

  • Use query and placement reports to see what people are actually searching for to reach your site.
  • Use impressions and search traffic tools to gauge query volume.
  • Assisted keyword and assisted impression reports show  keywords that contributed to a conversion, but were not directly responsible for the sale.

Best Practice #3: Creative
Creative should be consistent across channels, but it should also be appropriate for individual channel and the buying funnel stage.

Review your creative for consistency:

  • Look/feel
  • Should use same messaging
  • Reflect the current promotion

I searched for old navy, the ad copy is exactly the same for every single keyword search!

Their ad promotes the $7 flat rate shipping, even though they’re having a huge 40% off end of the season sale and a seasonal promo.

Best Practice #4: Budget
Once you incorporate search in the top levels of the marketing plan, you need to allocate an appropriate budget. Obviously you want to get as much traffic as you can, but sometimes budgets are not large enough to support this. You’ll need to focus on the most profitable traffic available.

To ensure proper budget allocation:

  • Capture most profitable traffic
  • Plan for seasonality- there may be more traffic during certain months
  • Don’t allocate the same budget for every month
  • Capitalize on trends in current events
  • After a testing period, reallocate between media according to results

Best Practice #5: Engagement
See search as part of the user engagement with brand. The Old Spice Man is a popular campaign, so people may go to the web and search for it. I searched for “old spice man”. The ad agency and the PPC agency must have collaborated because I am served an ad that recognizes I was searching for their ad campaign and offers to show me a video. When I click through, I get what I was expecting– a few videos to watch from the ad campaign. What a great example of integrating search with TV!

Killer Tactics
1- Retargeting reaches people who have visited your site or somehow previously interacted with your brand, so the user is presented your ad on other sites across the web.

If you can layer your traditional display retargting network and Google retargeting AND Yahoo’s retargeting product, will have have a great deal of saturation and reach!

2- Besides driving fans or followers through “like” buttons on sites, blogs, and emails, you can also drive fans through PPC. Since search has different targeting you can reach a new group of “fans” who may not see your Facebook page.

In the content network, you can target other social networks to reach people who use social media and fit your target audience.

Be sure to include a CTA- how can you incent them to fan you from PPC?  Ask for a “like” or a follow. You may want to give them a reason to “like” you. For example, Kohls default Facebook page is about their charity work. This is a great example.

3- Promotions and offers should mirror your other media. Try doing an escalating escalating discount. Use the buying funnel to target messaging that sweetens the deal- larger discount either at the beginning to get them in, or to urge them to convert when they are the closest they can be to purchase. Test approaches by searcher intent.

4- Ad scheduling can be a great tool to integrate search with TV. According to Nielsen Q1 data, 58% of people  use the internet and watch TV simultaneously

Many of them are searching. You can schedule ads to run during your own TV spots, or during programs with key content. For example Lowe’s to run ads during a home improvement show

And I would really like to see the Container Store advertise during the “Hoarders” program!

Conclusion: final thought
Search can be integrated into any campaign!
It takes planning and creativity.

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