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Google Instant Search and PPC Advertisers


The show has been archived here so you can listen on demand: http://bit.ly/PPC-instant

Don’t miss this! Webmaster Radio/ Best Search Strategies: Wednesday, Sep 22nd

Google Instant Search and PPC Advertisers

How will the new Google Instant Search impact AdWords advertisers? That’s the big question for PPC managers focused on ROI and the bottom line. We’ll discuss the key factors you need to know now! Guest speaker Lisa Raehsler, SEM Strategy Consultant will be Joining us.

Listen in as you’ll learn:

  • Opportunities presented by Google Instant for advertisers
  • Challenges PPC managers need to know about
  • How “predicted queries” may impact ad serving and impressions
  • What should we do next

TO Listen: Go to www.webmasterradio.fm at 2pm PT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET and it will magically stream live through your computer 🙂

It will also be archived on Best Search Strategies or itunes.com, so you can still listen any time! Also, Best Search Strategies has some other very cool search content you may want to check out. I’d strongly recommend “Boosting Your PPC Performance with AdWords Segmentation“- I listened last week and it has some good advanced segmentation tips!


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