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Is PPC Search Strategy Dead?

What's my PPC strategy?

I got no PPC strategy!

In gearing up for my speaking engagements this Fall, I’ve been thinking about PPC search strategy. Are search marketers doing enough search strategy and planning?

Often search marketers concentrate on the implementation before even thinking about the strategic direction. Tactical implementation supports the overall strategy, it does not define it, so you miss a lot of opportunity by not seeing the bigger picture.

I think that Google is partly to blame. With 65% of the search share they set the best/expected practices for PPC marketing. Unfortunately, the training and help materials for Google Adwords rarely, if ever, mention strategy. The Google Adwords certification is essentially a test on the Adwords product, and does not test search pros on strategy. Even their 32 page Adwords beginners guide never mentions strategy. Boo 😦

If you suspect your search marketing programs have drifted away from strategy, here are a few things to think about to get you started on the bigger picture:

Goals: What are your goals? Yes, yes, you are trying to get conversions, but how many conversions? Sales goals? Which products are you focusing on? Do all of your campaigns support this goal or do some campaigns have different goals? Think big- make sure these goals match back up to the C-level organizational initiatives.

Target market: Are you targeting your search programs to specific audiences? It’s not just a bunch of keywords. Keywords should be selected based on the searcher intent- what keywords are your customers using to search for your product? For the content/display network, there are dozens of different ways you can target your audience based on their interests and web browsing habits. Make sure you know what these interests and preferences are and how your search program reaches them.

Integration with marketing mix: How does your search program fit into your overall marketing plan? What % of marketing mix is dedicated to search for both budget and the projected sales? Make sure your search program is connected to all other marketing tactics and including your seasonal promotions.

Of course, these are only a few ways to get started on your strategy. Now is a good time to check your current PPC account and evaluate your strategy for the rest of the year and 2011.

Invest time in planning!

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