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Love is in the air, and in cyberspace!

Lisa loves love and search. I also love love and impactful and relevant advertising, even when it’s not Online – gasp!

I wanted to post because it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. I love my position, my unnamed company, and the fact I’m leaving the snowy frigid weather of Minnesota tomorrow to lie on the beach in Jamaica with my husband for a week. It’s a good day.

One cool thing I read today about Valentine’s Day and advertising – Virgin Atlantic launched this awesome mobile microsite in conjunction with a crazy out-of-home and events campaign. Leave it to genius and rich guy Richard Branson to do something so cool that kills both the advertising and PR birds with one multi-platform stone.

I also read that 57% of men go Online to research Valentine’s Day gifts. This is not surprising to me, but now I want to know how many are shopping Online the day of. Since 12% claim they are looking for a store’s address and phone number, my guess is a lot.

Have a great week everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!

One Love!

  1. February 21, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Great post, even better because of the Jamaican flag! My wife is Jamaican and we just went to visit her family and friends in Kingston (dont ever go there, g-h-e-t-t-o) but we had a great time in Negril at Riu!

  2. paradox
    March 7, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    love the blog. thanks for the virgin site. really good to see what you are thinking.

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