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Marketing to Boomers Online.

This week I did research for a client that is contemplating enriching their presence online. This company already has strong brand awareness but seeks to make an emotional connection with their target audience, which mostly consists of Baby Boomers.

As a Gen Y marketing and social enthusiast, I love learning the individual traits of each generation, culture, or demographic group. The Baby Boomers are definitely a great group to watch, especially now as they are showing people how aging gracefully is done.

I remember as a young child seeing my grandparents play cards with all their friends. They all had short grey hair and wrinkles abound. They seemed ancient to me, in part because I was so young, but also because it seemed they accepted their age and aging role in society. As my parents near that same age I can’t help but be impressed at how savvy, active, and good looking they and their peers are in comparison! As I read more about this group’s media usage, it increases my admiration of this impactful group!

USA Today reported last year that marketing to this group is growing like crazy due to the impressive economic power this group has. What I find most interesting is the way marketers need to communicate to them, appealing to their young outlook on life. This direction is being reflected in advertising more and more, and luckily, the “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” era ads are on the decline. Perhaps seeing seniors in these pitiful situations in the media for so long contributed to the Boomers’ intention to buck that perception.

Here is a good article about how Boomers are mobile-savvy and another about Boomer’s Empty Nest Lifestyle outlining their online usage and buying power.

In my research, I set up an Eons.com account, but due to honesty about my age, I was sectioned off from 50+ content that I am dying to find out about. Next time, I will get an advertiser log-in so I can get the inside scoop on Boomer social networking, which is at this some super exclusive club. I still learned from my experience on the site, though, as Nintendo Wii purchased a multiple-day home page takeover, punctuating everything I learned this week about marketing to Boomers in my research.

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