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Top 1000 Most Expensive Keyword Clicks

Today I logged on to SpyFu and discovered a list of the Top 1000 Most Expensive Keywords CPC. Let’s get right to the good stuff. The most expensive term was “data recovery service los angeles” at $52.82 per click. The second most expensive is “boston dui lawyer” at $51.38 per click. DUI problems drove high CPCs from Tampa to Seattle and accounts for at least 40 instances of the most expensive keywords. Oops. Several law-related keywords as well as accidents, loans, and insurance composed the list.

Without doing any precise analysis, I counted about 20% of the keyword terms included “insurance”. According to Yahoo, competitors have become more aggressive with max bids surpassing $25 per click. On Yahoo, Ave CPC on keywords for car insurance have doubled in the past year. This is an industry where people compare rates, receive quotes, read reviews, and seek specials online.

With such a commitment required to an insurance provider, it makes sense that these consumers are incredibly valuable, even “insurance auto” at $50.00 a click.

Check out the most expensive keyword list for yourself, there are a lot of goodies…

  1. szielie
    January 20, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Super interesting. I have to resist the urge to click on these just cuz.

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